4 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Live Audience

Saturday, July 1, 2017

FB Live definitely changed how we look at streaming and making videos. Most marketers have not fully utilized the potential of FB live in growing followers. Believe it or not, but as a dental practice, you can still do so much to fully utilize FB Live in increasing your followers and growing your audience.


What is the secret then? How do you grow your FB Live audience? The answer is pretty simple. You just need to increase your overall Facebook followers. There are many aspects to this that you need to consider. This includes your message and how consistent you are. It is also very much about communications and engagement.


Below are four helpful ways by which you can grow your Facebook Live Audience.


Be consistent.


You cannot simply just do a live video about random things going on in your practice. Though that may help in engagement, it won’t be an effective way to solely get followers. Growing your fan base means you need to be consistent with what you want to show either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Make sure to set up what event or activity you want to feature on your Facebook live stream. It would also be helpful to set up regular days and times to promote anticipation for your followers and audience.


Make a series.


Following through is one thing that online marketers sometimes neglect to do. Making a series is one way to follow through on certain campaigns. It obliges you to make sure you are consistent with your streams.  One-off events are good, but this may be true for the bigger ones.

Like how a TV series captures the hearts of more audiences compared to movies, you can do that same for your FB Live streams. You can then get more traction, awareness and, eventually, followers. A series of short videos have more impact compared to one long video.




You already have the tools that you need to make an effective series to stream FB Live videos. What else is there to do? Promote in advance. Set a good date and time. Create banners or any sort of graphics that you can post on all your pages. This will certainly set a good prelude to your streams.


Use good equipment.


Nothing turns the audience off more than videos of poor quality. This may be acceptable 5-7 years ago, but with almost everything viewable on HD, it just seems crass for any business not to invest in good equipment. Your marketing strategy needs to have more entertainment value. It needs to be watchable and hearable. Your followers will certainly be put off with poor audio as well.


You may want to get a streaming platform that is able to host videos with a CDN, (content delivery network). This allows videos to be published in a higher bitrate, thus in better quality.

These 4 ways when executed properly will surely help increase not only your audience, but also your followers. Broadcasting, after all, is serious business. Interact with your audience, and make sure to attempt to perfect the craft of creating live stream videos for every single time that you do release them.


If you want to know more about how we can help you release good quality FB Live videos and other online marketing strategies, call Bluewing Dental at (888) 481 5376.

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