Beating The Competition With Facebook Live

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Video content is on the rise these days, and it doesn't just give the viewer an entertaining sight for the product or the message but a lasting impression on what it's all about. This strategy is a very powerful storytelling medium for campaigns, ideas, content and more, and this touches the emotions of the viewers because of the combination of sound, motion, and visuals.

Facebook Live is another level of a video content because it records real time posts with no time to edit. This is a more affectionate method when it comes to viewers’ connection. So how can your business use Facebook Live? Here are a number of reasons why Facebook live can place you at the top of your competition:


Respond to comments real time

When you discuss a topic about your product or service it is never inevitable that interested prospects would comment with questions or feedbacks and since this is a real time video blog you can immediately provide them with the answer they are looking.


Let the audience feel your brand

It isn’t easy to describe a product or service through words unless you’d take a lot of your time to create a professional content. Creating a video is not a 100 percent guarantee that it would satisfy your customers’ content. With Facebook Live you can interact with them if the video they saw isn’t that comprehensible still.


Host webinars and events

If you have a lot of followers online, Facebook Live will let you create a group event such as symposiums or meetings discussing a certain topic relevant to your business. The best part of that is you can communicate with the viewers real time, all they have to do is place a comment on the facebook video blog.


Answer FAQs

Interested viewers will put their focus on the post if it is live, this adds another level of genuineness to the vlog itself. Because Facebook Live is in real time it isn’t scripted so the host is put on the spot, making them real to the viewer.


Offer training

Information has always been very valuable since the beginning of time and giving your interested viewers an easy access of knowledge will double the hype of your post. Providing a training to your viewers adds value and legitimacy to your business.


Excite your viewers of what your business has to offer

With Facebook Live you can also tease your audience with what’s new in your business. If there are new products that you haven’t placed in your website or perhaps in your physical store, you can give them a sneak peak online. This excitement will give them curiosity which would build them into a prospect buyer.


Facebook Live is now a mainstream thing happening in every businesses. You wouldn’t want to be left out from your competitors with the marketing fad. These strategies will definitely maximize your brand's publicity. Call BlueWing Dental at (888) 481-5376 to find out how to use Facebook Live effectively with your clinic.

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI