Does My Dental Practice Need Twitter?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The age of social media has undeniably taken the world by storm and marketers have been tapping and harnessing its potential in most, if not all, industries. We’ve seen brands and businesses reach out to their prospective buyers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like and much to the surprise of those trained in traditional marketing, it works!

Twitter, to be specific, has been used by brands like LG and Taco Bell to engage with their target demographic and boost sales. Their campaigns on the popular social media platform were creative and interesting, and it drove many netizens closer to their products.

With that kind of success, a question is then posed to practitioners of dentistry: “Do I really need that kind of marketing?” The answer, as evidenced by the following points, is yes:


Maintain An Online Presence

A framework for online marketing has been more or less followed by many businesses and that includes creating and maintaining a website where all the information pertaining to your practice, as well as social media pages or accounts that complement it.

Actively maintaining a Twitter account will then help users find their way to your website and, consequently, to your list of clientele. A healthy account will also assure users that your practice has credibility.


Connect With Clients

One of the most beneficial uses of Twitter is creating a connection between users and your business. Since there are communities created online, Twitter can most definitely help you be part of them, and then you will be able to engage in popular discussions, converse with both current and prospective clients, and so much more!

Favoriting tweets that you find interesting or relevant to your practice is one way of connecting to users, as it helps make people aware of your business. Another way is to mention users or reply directly to tweets, either simply thanking a user for following you or offering your services to those tweeting about dental health.

Retweeting is also a great way to make your mark on the online community. For instance if you retweet tweets by local businesses that have a similar kind of audience, they will most likely return the favor. By doing so, their followers may be acquainted with your business, increasing the chance that they will avail of your services.


Spreading Information

While you’re sharing the content of other businesses and conversing with users, you can also use Twitter to spread information about your own business. If you have an upcoming sale or if you’re offering discounts for a limited time, Twitter can help spread the word.

Always strive to be captivating! Tweeting interesting things like fun facts about dentistry and dental health will not only keep you in users’ feeds, but also increases the chance of being engaged, whether retweeted, favorited, or replied to.

Make sure your dental practice rides the waves of the social media era! Be equipped with the latest online marketing strategies to boost sales and relevance, especially in this high-tech age. Consult BlueWing Dental now by calling (888) 481-5376 for the best marketing strategies for your dental practice.

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