Five Social Media Practices To Remember

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It is safe to say that almost everyone, businesses and individuals alike, are on social media. This is why most small business owners, like your dental practice, feel the pressure of always making sure that they remain relevant, at least to the 74% of adults who are constantly online.  


Maximizing your marketing campaign can get really challenging. It is important to be on top of your social media engagement without having to compromise the quality of your posts, as well as your online reputation.


Below are 5 practices that can help your dental practice stay on top of your social media engagement.


Be consistent, but don’t be afraid to diversify.


This practice seems ironic, but it actually creates a good balance between making sure you post regularly, and at the same time, not make your audience tired of seeing your posts. It may seem tricky, but is doable.


Do you have the right social media channels? Are you addressing to the majority of your potential clients? If you intend to post on Instagram twice on a daily  basis then do so. Set up a common theme of what you want to achieve, graphics-wise. This makes your page look consistent.


What does it mean to diversify your posts? Don’t be all about promotions. These kinds of posts can come across as really annoying to potential clients. On a weekly basis you can set up different strategies, whether that that be marketing, personal, promotional, or conversational. The goal is to keep your audience always in the loop and excited.


Make sure your posts get seen.


Do you know the average lifespan of your social media posts? Only 57% of the 1500 potential stories that come out on Facebook get seen. 14 hours; that’s the average lifespan of a Facebook post. Your tweet on Twitter lives short, for only 4 hours. An Instagram photo stays and gets seen for approximately 21 hours. Why do these numbers matter? This is going to be your guide in making sure that whatever you post stays and sticks to the minds of your readers and followers. Set up a time of the day that works well for you and your audience. Make sure your posts are shareable so that they have a longer lifespan than the average posts.


Never underestimate the power of an image and a link.


A well-designed image goes a long way. It makes it shareable, tappable, and delivers greater engagement. If you don’t have an in-house graphics designer, use stock photos. Some of these are free, while some sites can make you a paid subscriber to millions of wonderful images you can use for your social media strategy.


Moreover, make sure your posts captivate your followers so well they ask for more. This is where you can use the power of links to your advantage. Lead them to your website and to your other digital properties. You can drive more traffic and more potential clients to your dental practice that way.


Don’t forget to K.I.S.S.


Keep it short and simple. Note that even without a character limit, it is important to keep track of the ideal character count of the following sites:

Google+: 60 characters per headline

Facebook: 40 – 119 characters

Twitter: 71 – 100 characters


Interact and Engage.


What good are your social media accounts if you don’t interact and engage with your followers? That is why you have them after all. Reply to those tweets, make comments, and respond to Facebook messages. Heart others on Instagram.


Exciting, right? If want to know more about making sure you are on the right track with the social media strategy for your dental practice, contact BlueWing Dental today at (888) 481-5376. 

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