How to Increase Positive Google Reviews

Friday, October 6, 2017

An article in Forbes pointed out that a survey from Zendesk revealed that 90% of respondents declared their purchasing judgments were influenced by favorable online reviews. Reviews are essential to increasing your patient base. Getting better reviews is as simple and providing your patients with outstanding service. Here are some simple steps to help you get more reviews.

Ask your patients

Nowadays, most people understand the impact that a positive review can have on your practice. If a patient thanks you for your service, compliments a staff member, or has been a loyal patient for several years, that’s the perfect time to ask them to leave a review. Patients who are genuinely happy you’re their dentist won’t hesitate to write a good review.

Be open to feedback

Patients can easily leave good reviews on Google, but adding direct links to your profile on your website or having reviews sent to your email is another method to receive reviews. Provide different methods for them to send feedback from online review platforms like Demandforce or directories, email, the business website and such. In addition, you have to be open to receiving feedback from patients, whether it’s good or bad. By responding to them and addressing their concerns, you can solidify your practice’s reputation for providing quaity patient experiences.

Reward reviewers

Offer incentives to patients who leave reviews to encourage others to do the same. Offering a minor discount on teeth cleanings or a gift card for another service can be a great incentive to patients. Just be clear that the reward is all about thanking them for feedback and is not meant as a bribe to sugarcoat the reviews to your advantage.

Get the staff involved

Some employees have more direct interaction with your patients than others because of the nature of their positions. Let them know how important good reviews are to your practice. You can also provide incentives to your staff to encourage them to have patients rate and review your practice. Nuturing online reviews can help your practice increase your patient base. For more tips on getting Google reviews, reach out to us today.


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