Six Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from Social Media

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

People thought social media was just a phase. Just when everyone thought it was just a trend that would pass you by, you start noticing businesses creating accounts. There is one fact that cannot be denied. All the biggest and most important companies in the world that you know are in social media.


Your dental practice should do the same. After all, there are 3 billion internet users out there. And all of those have teeth that need to be taken care of. The experts in digital marketing have spoken. Your dental practice needs to be online. Social media is not but an option. It is a necessity for your practice.


Below are the 10 of the many ways that Blue Wing Dental can help with your dental practice by benefiting from our social media services.

1. Increases people’s awareness that you exist

You have to admit that the phone book does not seem so relevant anymore. When customers want to find a business, they go online. That just means that you need to be there. You need to be searchable. Your presence on social media makes it easier for your clients and potential patients to connect with you. It is in this manner that you would increase loyalty and retention.

2. Lets you know what your customers really want

If you need information about your customers, you can get a significant amount of those, from social media. You can identify customer behavior based on what they post and those that will help you improve your business.


Furthermore, you can also opt for active engagement and take advantage of reviews and comments that customers post on your page. You can even defend, promote and talk your clinic up based on customer feedback.

3. Allows you to run targeted ad campaigns

You can run ad campaigns on different social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin for example. These ads are inexpensive and allow you to get real-time results. And since they are targeted ads, this will help you reach the right audience for your dental services.

4. Helps you improve customer experience

In this day and age, customers expect better, if not the best customer service. They want 24/7 support, good customer service, and faster response times. Social media does that for you. You can let your patients and potential clients immediately find you, tag you, and send you a message. What’s great is that you have the capability to respond anytime and all the time.  

5. Lets you know who the competition is

Through social media monitoring, you can get information about your competitors instantly. You can now make smart business decisions and keeps you ahead of the game. All you need is a good tool that will help you determine and monitor specific industry keywords or mentions of specific dental practices in your area.

6. Helps you share content effectively and efficiently

Marketing has improved in so many ways, in that it has become easier now. Content can easily be created, read and shared on social media as fast as the feeds allow you to. Through content curation, it has become so easy to share it on different social media platforms.


The power of digital marketing is important to us here at Blue Wing Dental. We also understand the needs of local dental practices so much better than other digital marketing companies. Contact us and we will help you surpass your digital marketing goals.

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI