What To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Provider

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Times have changed. As much as how businesses’ marketing campaigns were entrenched in traditional forms of media such as radio, television, and print in the past, it has now evolved to flourish in the digital age.

Since the competition now chiefly finds its habitat online, the need for skilled SEO is felt more than ever. Dominance in search engines translates to more people preferring your brand above your peers, thus SEO is an extremely vital aspect of marketing that requires professional finesse.

With that said, finding the right SEO provider is a challenge in itself. A good provider will afford your company unprecedented success. On the other hand, a bad provider will render your site practically invisible. Ensure that your prospective SEO provider isn’t the latter by asking the following questions:

“Are You Able To Enumerate Your Services For The Strategy?”

Your prospective SEO provider should be transparent with the services he or she plans to implement for your marketing strategy. If he or she cannot list down the plan, they may be dishonest about what they intend to do with your money.

Furthermore, it is in the nature of SEO for the services to evolve over time to accommodate the feedback from the initial phases. For instance, do not expect the strategy to be the same in the first month and the fifth month. Keep this in mind when you ask your SEO provider about their plans to make sure that they know what they’re doing.

“How Do You Build Links?”

Backlinks are one of the important parts of SEO. Without external links to your site, it will be difficult to rank well in search engines.

Be that as it may, building links still requires proper care and consideration as not all links can serve as decent backlinks. An inept SEO provider will most likely build spammy links despite Google’s guidelines which will risk bringing your website down in the rankings instead.

“May I See Your Past Work?”

Taking a peek at a provider’s past work is perhaps one of the best ways you can ascertain the agency’s quality. Although they may not share the exact details or analytics of their past projects, they should be able to sufficiently exhibit their work and how much it helped their clients.

“How Much Do You Know About Our Industry?”

It pays if the SEO provider you work with is familiar with your company’s industry to some degree as they may have the contacts and resources to help produce the best material for the job. It may be beneficial to you if your provider has other clients in the same industry, for instance, because they may already know what works and what doesn’t in your particular field.

“Can I Meet The Team?”

Naturally, SEO agencies will attempt to delegate their best team to your project in order to make a good impression. However, you cannot be sure that you will be working with their best and brightest until you take the time to meet them.

Request to be acquainted with the team assigned to you so you would know if you will be working with established professionals or with fresh trainees.

“How Often Will We Meet?”

Each SEO provider will have their own standard schedule for giving updates. Some may inform you in weekly calls, some on a once-a-month basis. You may be clueless as to how often you should be receiving updates so it helps to ask your team about it.

You may want to consider using third-party sites for managing tasks so your team can give progress reports and be transparent without wasting your time on little meetings. 

“What Happens When We End The Contract?”

Since SEO typically requires some time to generate results, most providers will need you to sign them on for a minimum period. However, in case you are not able to continue their services within the minimum period, you will want to know what premature termination will entail.

For instance, you should still be the owner of the optimized content and nothing should be altered or removed. You may also want to know if there are additional fees for a prematurely terminated contract.

No matter how the landscape shifts, the competition never changes. Equip your company with only the best SEO provider to stay ahead of the rest. Contact Bluewing Dental now at (888) 481-5376 to empower your dental marketing strategy with the finest SEO providers.


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