Why Claiming Your Google My Business Short Name Is Important

Jul 11, 2019

Google My Business Short Name

Does Your Practice Have a Google My Business Profile?

A Google My Business profile is one of the most important listings your practice can have on the Internet. It is essentially your practice's listing on Google and includes basic information such as your parctice's contact information, address, hours of operation and other details. Google recently created Short Names to be used as a marketing tool to drive people to a Google My Business page or Google Maps for more detailed information about a practice.

What Is A Google My Business Short Name?

A Google My Business short name is a concise version of your practice name that you can set from your profile. It creates a custom URL that is used to locate your practice on Google. Short names are important because they provide a direct link patients can use to find your practice, leave reviews and otherwise aid in your practice's exposure. For example a Short Name can be used in a social media posts, on your location pages, business cards, or anywhere your practice contact information is located.

Because this name is unique, it is important to claim it as soon as possible so another practice doesn't take it first. If this happens, it can create confusion among customers and make it more difficult for searchers to find your practice. Claim your unique name as soon as possible so you can ensure it's yours.

The name should either be your practice name or some other name that is commonly associated with your practice. There are some important things to consider when deciding what short name to choose. For example, if you already use a short name for your e-mail address or Facebook URL, choose the same one on Google for uniformity. For companies with a distinct physical location, especially if a practice has multiple locations, including the location as part of a listing's short name is a wise decision.

How Can I Create A Short Name?

The ability to create a Google My Business short name is available for most practice categories on Google. All you have to do is go to your profile and add a short profile name. This can be done via computer or mobile devices.

If you run several businesses with multiple Google My Business listings, you will need to go through and create custom short name URLs one by one. Take care to make sure every entry has the correct information so neither you nor your pateints will be confused.

If you decide to go a different direction with your practice, you can change your short name. Do note, however, that there is no guarantee the original name will remain unclaimed, so put considerable thought into this decision before making the switch. You also have the option to remove a short name from your profile permanently as well if you choose to do so.

Claiming a custom Google My Business short name makes it easier for patients to find you on Google, leave reviews and remember you. It also makes your practice appear more professional. Choosing a short name should be one of the first things you do upon creating a Google My Business profile.

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