New Mover Marketing for Dental Practices

Using new mover data, BlueWing can help your dental practice stand out and get in front of potential patients moving to the area before your competitors.

Drive Patient Appointments with Content Marketing

Creating engaging content through blogs, social media, videos, and more will have your dental practice seeing a rise in patient appointments.

Web Page Types – Which Should You Leverage?

Websites, landing pages, and microsites each have different purposes. If leveraged accurately, they can bring in more traffic to your website.

Direct Mail: The Evolution of Copy Length

BlueWing helps dental practices select the right length of copy for direct mail pieces based on patient preferences and past performance.

How Practice Management Software Streamlines Your Marketing Workflow

Practice management software helps dental practices streamline their workflows, simplify marketing, and encourage patient engagement.

How to Construct Engaging Direct Mail for Dental Patients

Constructing engaging direct mail campaigns takes time and a well-planned strategy to deliver results that align with your practice goals.

3 Dental Marketing Trends for 2022 to Increase Patient Volume

Elevate your dental practice marketing in 2022 with the latest marketing trends. See an increase in patient volume, retention, and appointments.

What's a White Paper Workflow?

Vibrant. When you think of direct mail and print as a whole, you likely don’t think of it as being a “vibrant” industry. Despite the allure of social media, email, and other digital channels, direct mail remains a viable resource for marketers aiming to reach their target markets in a unique, personalized way.

The Benefits and Cost Savings of Interactive Direct Mail

The benefits of interactive direct mail are even greater in 2020, especially as the United States Postal Service (USPS) prepares to increase postage rates in the new year.

BlueWing Dental Installs Acxiom's InfoBase Consumer Database

Hillside, Illinois: As a leader in direct marketing for over 60 years, BlueWing understands the value of stable, secure data solutions that deliver consistent and predictable results. Our partnership with V12 Data, a leading marketing technology firm and data provider, has enabled us to grow our direct mail, email, and digital channel revenues and capabilities.


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