BlueWing Dental SURGE Newsletter - Vol 2

Don't Let Your Website Get Lost in the Internet Abyss

New smartphone technology continues to astonish users and transform behaviors. People are constantly “connected” with their devices.

Social Media Marketing Facebook Likes

Businesses and practices that want to engage in social media marketing will want to know how to get more Facebook likes. These likes are responsible for making sure that your posts get to your audience – the clients. If they do not see and like posts, they won’t find out when you have new deals or new products to offer them. The problem then becomes how to get more people to like your page.

Mistakes Your Dental Office Can Avoid On Social Media

While stepping out onto social media platforms can boost your practice’s visibility and help you begin to market in a new way, there are quite a few pitfalls that can ensnare those new to utilizing social media for business.

BlueWing Dental SURGE Newsletter - Nov 2016

Why Social Media Matters for Your Dental Practice

Every day, millions of people use social media to connect with businesses and people both near and far. In today’s market, companies that are beating their competition all have an interactive social media presence. 


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