Content Strategy and Copywriting

Content is the fuel that powers your marketing machine. With Google being the search engine god, it’s critical to give it what it wants when it comes to content. It has to be content that matters. Fresh, authoritative, helpful and engaging are what make content rich and affect search engine rankings. When you deliver great content, the search engines like Google reward you. At BlueWingDental Digital Services, we do a comprehensive audit to find out how you stack up against the competition. The next step is to design a content strategy plan that attracts and engages existing customers. Our team of specialists create relevant, compelling content that speaks directly to your audience. We also promote your content across multiple channels for optimal results.

Today, SEO-friendly content means that content must be optimized for both the user and search engines. By integrating human needs and search engine needs, Dental marketers will achieve greater success. Keywords need to hit the sweet spot in content creation when it comes to Dental product offerings, needed Dental services and how users actually search the web. For example, Google’s new Hummingbird is even smarter at semantic search. Understanding how your customers search is key and what conversation they use should be naturally imbedded in content. SEO-friendly content doesn’t start with keywords, but with the user. Successful content programs are built from a dual foundation – knowing what the audience needs and knowing how they look for what they want.

Content is still king, and it needs to be of high quality. Our content services include:

  • Fresh, helpful, compelling content customized for your practice
  • SEO friendly content
  • Blog, web SEO, social media and marketing copywriting

At BlueWingDental Digital Services, we understand the power of digital marketing and the unique needs of local Dental practices. Get the marketing services you need to target and cultivate new patients. Contact us today to learn how you can find new patients, retain current ones and grow your Dental practice with our digital services. We’ll help you get found, hit the target and get results.

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI