3 Dental Marketing Trends for 2022 to Increase Patient Volume

Dec 21, 2021

BlueWing Dental 2022 Marketing Trends

New marketing trends are coming for 2022. Is your dental practice ready to leverage new tactics? BlueWing Dental has identified 3 trends to increase patient volume in the New Year.

Automated Marketing

In 2022, many dental practices will put automation to use. Automated trigger campaigns are making a big impact. They help dental practices communicate with current patients and prospects. Trigger campaigns pair with your patient data and CRM integration. They are the perfect “set-and-forget” tactic that drives marketing efforts on your behalf. Nurture patients and prospects with automated direct mail based on their dental needs.

Automated triggers give you more time to focus on other practice goals. Once you select the campaigns for each trigger, your work is complete. The automation sends direct mail based on the trigger that is set off by a flag in the patient data. With triggers, patient communication is easy and relevant to their care. Automatically message patients for their birthday, annual cleaning reminders, and more.

You can elevate your practice marketing with data-driven, automated messaging by targeting your patients at the right time with the right message. This will increase the volume of your patient appointments.

Optimize for Voice Search

The dental industry can be slow to incorporate digital trends into its strategy. An ongoing trend for practices in 2022 is to continue to optimize your website for voice search.

Research shows that as of 2020, over 50% of all web searches will be through voice search. Consumer search preferences are changing. Dental practices need to stay mindful of how this impacts their search rankings. Are your patients able to find your practice through voice search?

Embrace the technology of voice search. Think about how patients are finding your website. What questions are they asking in search? What is the intent behind their search? Make sure your website answers their questions in a clear and concise way. Optimize your website for long-tail keywords and questions. Voice search will use content from your website to answer the question asked and provide patients with the best experience possible.

Target Your Best Prospects First

In 2022, stop marketing to every patient with the same quantity and frequency. Although that may seem like the opposite of what you should do, hear us out. When you mass market you are often wasting efforts and marketing dollars on patients that are not likely to convert.

Instead, refine your marketing lists and get more targeted. A smaller, focused list will see a greater return on investment. Narrow in on the patients that are most likely to convert. Spend time on nurturing the relationship you have with these patients first. Then if your budget allows, you can communicate with patients who are less likely to convert.

BlueWing Dental can help you identify top responders and non-responders when prospecting. We run an in-depth analysis of your patient data to build data models. We’ll rank each prospect by their likeliness to respond so you’ll know who to focus your efforts on. Bring in more patients with smarter marketing.

Increase Patient Volume with BlueWing Dental

Need help understanding which trends are best for your practice? BlueWing Dental is here to help! We’ll choose marketing tactics that align best with your practice goals. Increase patient and appointment volume in the New Year. Contact us today!


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