7 Benefits of Direct Mail

Feb 23, 2018

Though having a solid digital strategy is essential to the success of your practice, the data shows that direct mail is still the most effective way to reach your patients. According to Small Business Trends, 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened, and only 20-30 percent of email gets opened on a good day. It’s no wonder why businesses are still investing in direct mail marketing. Here are seven additional ways that direct mail can benefit your practice:

1. A Variety of Options

There are many formats and sizes to choose from such as flyers, brochures, letters, postcards and more. The different sizes and formats allow you to personalize your campaign and messaging. Reach inactive patients with an official-looking letter. Notify your patients of upcoming specials with a laminated postcard. Introduce your practice to new movers with a newseltter.

2. Traditional Marketing

There’s a reason direct mail is synonymous with “traditional marketing.” Not only does direct mail let you send targeted messaging to your patients, but it’s a medium that is easier to understand – direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process compared to digital media, according to TrueImpact. Not everyone understands how to interact with digital mediums, which waters down their impact.

3. More Visibility

Email marketing is a great tool to reach your patients, but sometimes emails end up in the spam folder. With direct mail, you never have to worry about your reactivation or benefit letters reaching your patients. In addition, people are more likely to keep direct mail as opposed to email, making direct mail the perfect medium to send your patients check-up reminders and discounts on dental procedures.  In the digital space, your message is most likely going to be competing with other content, making it less likely to stand out and be seen.

4. A Cost-Effective Strategy

Direct Mail is a marketing platform that has a lower cost per acquisition. According to Digital Donut, the average cost per acquisition for direct mail is $51, compared to $55 for email marketing.

5. It’s Measurable

With direct mail, it’s easy to track calls, appointments and revenue from each campaign you send out. Measuring the success of your digital efforts and tying it to direct ROI however, is much harder.

6. Builds Brand Loyalty And Long-Term Relationships

When it comes to marketing, communication is key. With materials like check-up reminders, newsletters or even greeting cards, direct mail can make your patients feel that they are being thought of, which reinforces brand loyalty. It’s more personal, as you can speak to people on a 1:1 basis with today’s printing technologies.

7. Calls To Action

Since direct mail campaigns have a higher response rate, your calls to action are sure to resonate more with your patients. A call to action, or CTA, is a short sentence that encourages your patients to take action. The most effective calls to action are time bound and have a clear indication of what you want your patients to do. Examples of this are “Schedule your teeth cleaning today,” or “Sign-up for our newsletter now to take advantage of our specials.”

Direct mail is a highly effective medium to reach your patients. To learn more about ways to maximize your direct mail results, contact BlueWing Dental today.


  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI