Direct Mail Design For Your Dental Practice

Oct 08, 2018

Though digital marketing should be an essential tool in your arsenal, you can’t place a premium on the power of direct mail. Although most people think that direct mail is dead, it is still an incredibly popular medium. As the USPS has found, 50% of all mail sent is some form of direct mail sent by a company. Direct mail boasts a high ROI - an average of 29%. But only baby boomers are interested in direct mail, right? Incorrect, studies show that 12% of millennials look forward to getting direct mail.

With all the advances in digital marketing, your direct mail marketing needs to be on point in order for it to keep up with the advances in the digital space. If you’re wondering how your direct mail can make an impact with your patients, here are some tips.

Decide on a Format

While you may think deciding the format for your direct mail is a simple thing, it actually requires a bit more thought. Is your goal to increase awareness of your dental practice? Consider a postcard or a branded self-mailer. Are you looking to promote your services and offer a discount? Consider a letter pack with a buckslip. The format of your piece will determine the amount of room you have to feature your message, call to action, along with the number of images or graphics that you feature. The size and format of a piece are equally as important as the content and design.

Mind your Content

Content is king. It is what draws your patients into your piece and compels them to choose your practice over others. How can you make your content matter? Keep it short and sweet. Bold your headlands and use them to emphasize your content. Additionally, your call to action should urge your patients to take action - call, visit, schedule, get, take, etc. Make sure that your CTA is time-bound so your patients feel compelled to take action quickly. Finally, there is nothing more embarrassing than sending out a direct mail piece with a spelling error. Proof your content so there are no errors. Not only does this reflect poorly on your team, but it will immediately turn your patients away.

Make it Personal

Statistics show that 80% of people will choose an organization that provides them with a personalized experience. In the past, digital marketing was seen as the medium to use to provide your patients with a personalized experience. But with advancements in printing technology, each mail piece you send out can be customized. The Oce Pro Stream, for example, allows for full-color variable printing, so you can change the imagery, content, offer, and more through the use of data. BlueWing boasts the best inkjet variable printers in the industry, and that allows us to provide you with the best marketing strategy, world-class design, and variable printing.

Use the Best Images

Images make an impact, and the better quality they are, the more of an impact they will have on patients. How do you choose the best type of photo? When it comes to photos, less is often more - you don’t want to send a direct mail piece that is cluttered with images. Make sure your images are simple, as they will resonate more with your patients. Use images that don’t have busy backgrounds or a ton of text. Also, your images should be no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch). This will help your images to print at the highest quality and will help your overall piece look professional and crisp.

Keep it Simple

In addition to the images you chose, your design is also about the white space on the page. Just as your images are best when they are simple, your direct mail piece should use white space intentionally. Avoid cluttering your piece with images in every corner. With the right images and well-placed copy, you can guide your customers’ eye when you make use of white space. Don’t forget your envelope - it is the first thing that your customers see. Your envelope design can also show off your company’s branding and capture your customer’s attention. When designing it, consider personalizing the design or text you include. Use a color that will stand out and a font that is legible.


Through a combination of the most advanced 4 color inkjet printers in the nation and an award-winning direct mail team, BlueWing Dental has become the strategic marketing partner for dental practices around the nation. When you’re ready to get started, fill out our contact form.


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