Direct Mail Trends We're Ditching in 2019

Dec 24, 2018

Marketing Trends We're Ditching

The year is almost over and while a lot of companies are thinking about what marketing initiatives to add to their marketing repertoire next year, we spent some time thinking about what initiatives no longer serve our clients. Here are a few direct mail techniques that we are forgoing in 2019.


EDDM (every door direct mail) is a low-cost marketing technique that focuses on delivering direct mail pieces to all addresses on a USPS carrier route. Though this method is cost-effective, you end up spraying and praying that your pieces will reach your intended audience. In the end, this wastes marketing dollars as the mail recipients are not targeted. 

Black & White Lasered Maps

Personalization is important, especially to your patients. While traditional variable custom maps were printed as a black and white laser on a predetermined creative shell, this type of printing did not offer the type of branded personalization that 4-color inkjet technology now allows. With more modern machinery, full-color variable maps are more accessible than ever. As a result, your content is more personalized, eye-catching, and likely to drive more leads.

Printing Master Shells

It was the standard a few years ago to 4 color print a shell and then laser in all variable content in black and white. With more sophisticated inkjet presses, such as the Oce Prostream, white paper goes into the machine endless versions of your campaign. The end result is a more targeted campaign for your audience.

Envelopes That Give Too Much Away

For a time, it was a trend to put all the details of an offer front and center on the envelope. Now it’s time to take a different approach to your marketing by only featuring a small amount of information on the envelope. Testing shows this works especially well when recipients get a sneak peek of a tailored offer that appears to be personalized to them. Just enough to pique interest and get them to open your piece where the full offer and call to action are revealed.

Presenting The Same Offer To All Your Patients

There have been numerous studies that show that patients prefer personalized content. Instead of pushing out the same content and offers to every patient, variable printing capabilities allow you to send custom messages to each person. By leveraging full-color inkjet technology, your marketing should be varied based on the recipients' demographics. For example, you could send a teeth whitening offer to those patients who have received those services previously and an orthodontic offer to parents of young children. 

At BlueWing Dental, we are committed to caring for our clients, and that means providing them with the best possible marketing plans. What marketing trends are you looking to get rid of in 2019?


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