Email Behavior – Anticipate your patients in 2018

Nov 03, 2017

Are you satisfied with your email marketing performance? Are you sending out email blasts but receiving little to no response? Before you decide to throw in the towel, take a moment to learn more about your patients’ email behavior. By learning when your patients are checking their emails and actually reading them, you can position your marketing campaign for success. Read on for some insight.

Email Behavior Statistics:

  • Sporadic Email Checking: 44% of adults check their work email every few hours outside of work, while 51% report checking their personal email every few hours while at work (Adobe). It can also be observed that people are adapting email checking as part of their morning ritual. 74% read their work email before even reaching the office, either in bed, over breakfast or on the morning commute.(Adobe)
  • Personalization Matters: Including “thank you” in the subject line can score you higher engagement levels (Adestra). Also, featuring the first name of the recipient in the subject line often leads to higher click through rates (HubSpot).
  • Location, Location, Location: While 62% of people check their work email on their desktop, 59% check their personal email on their cell phones while at work (Adobe).
  • Eager Readers: The average number of work emails opened is a hefty 82%, while the number of personal emails opened is 60% (Adobe).
  • A Balancing Act: 86% of people want to receive promo emails from practices they like (Statista). But be careful – 78% of people have unsubscribed from places that send them “too many emails.”

With the newest data, we can now step back and begin to evaluate how well your practice’s approach to email marketing matched with the lifestyle of your patients. If you’d like specific tips on how to optimize email to meet your marketing goals, contact BlueWing Dental today.


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  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI