How to Get New Patients This Year

Jan 18, 2019

BlueWing Dental | How to Get New Patients This Year

A new year hopefully means new patients. If you’ve struggled in the past with adding more patients to your roster in the new year, we’re here to help. Here are a few ways you can gain more patients in 2019.

Take advantage of patient referrals

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool. A simple way to get people to refer people to your practice is by encouraging them to tell their family and friends about their experience. Additionally, you can encourage them to go online and leave a review. Digital reviews serve as a another type of  word-of-mouth - most people read reviews on an organization before deciding to utilize their products or services. For everyone review you recieve, your practice can acquire at least one new patient.

Make your direct mail mater

Though digital marketing methods are great for keeping your practice in the minds of prospective patients, you should never forget the power of direct mail. Consider sending new mover mailings to people who have recently moved near your locations. Additionally, the new year means renewed benefits. Be sure to mail your patient’s a reminder in January, when people’s insurance is likely renewing. Another great time would be in December, when your patients insurance benefits are about to expire, this “use it” or “lose it” messaging on benefits will create urgency for your patients to complete their services. Finally, you can send mailings that address special events that are likely to happen during the year - holidays, graduation season, etc. These type of mailings help remind customers to visit a dentist sooner than later.

Mind your online presence

Your online presence can attract or deter people from visiting your practice. Make sure your website is well-designed, user-friendly, and has good content. This will help your site rank high on search pages and will provide your patients with good user experience. Additionally, keep your social media presence up to date with relevant content about your practice and your services. Lastly, while online reviews are an asset to your practice, sometimes patients may leave a less than stellar one. Though your impulse may be to hide your poor review, don’t. All organizations receive negative reviews. It’s about how fast you respond to that review and remedy the situation that matters.

Following these tips can help generate a steady and frequent stream of new patients for your practice. For more information, contact BlueWing Dental today.


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