How Practice Management Software Streamlines Your Marketing Workflow

Mar 16, 2022

When your dental software’s do not talk to one another, your workflows can be slowed down. Implementing a practice management software (PMS) can greatly streamline workflows which will simplify your marketing and increase patient engagement.

Are you using your PMS to its fullest extent? BlueWing Dental, a Darwill Company, has developed automated marketing campaigns that pair greatly with PMS systems. Though we aren’t a PMS ourselves, we have worked with a variety of systems and know how to leverage the data they collect to produce marketing that streamlines your workflow. Learn how PMS tools help simplify marketing to increase patient engagement.

What is a PMS?

According to Quatris Healthco, PMS is designed to help practices run more efficiently and manage daily operations with ease. They assist in making your practice more productive by streamlining patient registration, appointment scheduling, patient progress tracking, and storing other information associated with your patients and prospects. All this data is accessible from a central location and can be leveraged for marketing efforts. Some of the top PMS’ for dental practices are eClinicalWorks, Dentrix, Easy Dental, and Officite.

Utilizing a PMS gives your practice the power to accelerate marketing efforts as they capture patient and prospect data that can drive targeted marketing. A PMS enables your practice to produce data-driven marketing which will increase your business by attracting new patients and keeping existing ones.

With a PMS, you can easily store up to date information on your patients and prospects. The accuracy of data highly impacts the effectiveness of the communications you send out. Accurate data leads to better targeted communications and message relevancy based on the patients or prospects dental care journey. Maintaining accurate data will help you push relevant communications which keeps patients coming back for additional care and urges prospects to make their first appointment. Personalized marketing creates a positive experience and helps both patients and prospects feel recognized by the provider.

The data storage and collection capabilities of a PMS are beneficial for any practice but it’s what you do with the data that matters most. That’s where BlueWing comes in. You can make the most out of your PMS data by pairing it with BlueWing’s automated direct marketing campaigns.

Leverage PMS Data with Automated Campaigns

Strengthen your marketing and grow patient appointment rates by pairing your PMS with BlueWing’s automated direct mail campaigns. Automation uses stored PMS data to create relevant communications with the goal of increasing engagement and appointment conversion.

Automated campaigns are developed by BlueWing and driven by your PMS’ patient and prospect data. By enabling BlueWing access to your PMS, we can automate communication with no additional effort from your staff. Instead of letting the data sit unused in the PMS, we leverage it to drive timely, personalized marketing to engage with both your existing patients and prospects.

All you need to do is choose the direct mail campaigns and determine the “trigger” points that direct the automation on what to send out. “Triggers” are set off based on the actions or behaviors taken by the patient or prospect. These actions are indicated in the PMS and the trigger will alert our system to print the preselected creative and messaging and send via direct mail. PMS data and automated marketing work well together as they allow your practice to easily communicate with patients and prospects. Send them reminders, keep them on track, interact with them along their patient journey, and get them to take the next action.

Stay in contact with relevant patient and prospect communications and guide them throughout their dental care journey as they reach certain milestones.

Smart Marketing with BlueWing Dental

BlueWing Dental, a Darwill Company, has assisted dental practices with innovative marketing efforts for over 25 years. Whether you have a PMS in place or not, we can help you build the right automated campaign for your practice’s goals. Contact us to learn more about marketing automation.


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