Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice in 2023

Jan 09, 2023

What is your vision for the new year? If you’re trying to increase your patient volume and bring in new patients, marketing can help you. Make the most of this year by incorporating new tactics into your strategy to achieve your goals.

As you think about the year ahead and your goals, you’ll want to consider your practice location, demographics, dental services, and brand aesthetic. Partnering with BlueWing, a Darwill company can help you create customized, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Here are some of our marketing tips to help your dental practice grow in 2023.

Schedule Social Media Posts

With everything it takes to run a dental practice, it’s easy to forget to stay active on social media. Social media is an excellent platform to interact with your patients, attract prospects, and keep you top of mind. You can stay ahead by creating several social posts at a time and scheduling them.

We know running a dental practice gets busy; we’re here to help. We make it easy to capture your audience on social media. Our experts will build a social media calendar and use scheduling tools to ensure your practice’s social profiles stay fresh with new content. We’ll take this off your plate by scheduling posts weeks or months in advance and recommending social post ideas based on your services, trends, holidays, dental health days, and more. Keeping your patients engaged and interacting with prospects will help your practice increase patient volume this year.

Leverage Local SEO for Lead Generation

Consumers are using the internet for everything, including finding their dentist. With a quick Google search, they can find dentists in their area and research practices. To drive leads to your website, you will want to appear on local search engine result pages (SERPs). This can be done by leveraging local search engine optimization (SEO). If you aren’t optimizing your practice’s website for local SEO, you could be missing the opportunity to get your brand in front of leads in your area.

Successful dental practices perform SEO maintenance on their websites to rank in search results based on phrases and keywords that are most valuable to your practice. Utilizing SEO will help your practice attract local leads by appearing in their search when they are looking for a provider in their neighborhood.

Engage Patients and Prospects Through Video

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard that video is an important part of any marketing strategy. Your patients prefer to learn about a new service by watching a video. In fact, 88% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

So how can you make the most out of video for your dental practice? Video content can have numerous applications across your omnichannel strategy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Add video to your email marketing.
  • Create short, fun videos for your social media profiles.
  • Incorporate video across your website and landing pages.
  • Feature your services and office space or introduce your staff.

Video is a great way to expand the type of content you create and put out there for your brand. It’s a fun way to communicate your message and appeal to patients and prospects.

Website Maintenance

When was the last time you updated your website? Is it modernized and easy to use? Having a website is not enough; it needs to be maintained. It is not uncommon to see a dental practice utilizing old website design and functionality. In today’s digital world, with constant technological advancements, you can’t leave your website stuck in the past.

Modernizing your website, improving patient usability, optimizing it for mobile, and ensuring it is secure and HIPAA-compliant is necessary to keep consumers on your page. Not taking these steps can cause prospects to leave your page and find a provider with an updated, accessible website.

Need Help? Our Dental Marketing Experts Have You Covered

Focusing on marketing may seem impossible with all your other practice goals. That’s where BlueWing, a Darwill company, comes in. We work with over 2,000 dental and healthcare practices across the nation. Dental professionals trust our marketing capabilities and industry expertise. We’re here to help grow your practice with innovative data-driven marketing techniques. Partner with us and watch your patient volume rise. Let’s talk!


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