More Patient Referrals

Feb 15, 2019

More Patient Referrals

Let's Build Your Patient List

It’s February, and now’s the time to build up your patient list. Aside from social campaigns, direct mail, and emails, how can you boost your list? Patient referrals. According to HubSpot, 83% of people rely on input from family or friends before deciding on a business to work with. Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing - so why not use it to your advantage? We’ve put together these tips to help you get more referrals and more patients.

Give Great Service

Referrals all come down to a person’s experience. While people report their good and bad experiences to their loved ones, only a good experience will get you more referrals. What can you do to provide your patients with a good experience? Make sure your waiting room is welcoming, not sterile. Provide the best service, whether it’s a teeth cleaning or a root canal. Be sure your staff is friendly and always willing to answer their questions. Finally, be sure to help them schedule their appointments in a timely manner.

Act On The Feedback

It is very rare that an organization receives 100% positive reviews. Think of reviews like digital word of mouth - most people read reviews about an organization before deciding to do business with them. While a slew of negative reviews will turn people off, most understand a bad review or two is normal. How can you combat this? Respond to your positive and negative reviews in a timely manner. If a review gives advice on how to improve patient experiences, thank the reviewer and then think about how you will give your patients a better experience in the future.

Offer Incentives for Referrals

Your patients are busy and may not always remember to leave a referral online. Offering an incentive can help them set aside time to boost your practice. Your incentive can be something as simple as a percentage off services or a gift card. Another way to do this is to set up a referral agreement. This can help your practice maximize the number of referrals they’ll receive while rewarding your loyal patients for their referrals.

Referrals are an essential tool to help your practice get new patients. The tips above are just a few things you can do to increase your patient list. For more insight into how to make referrals work for you, contact BlueWing Dental today.


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