New Mover Marketing for Dental Practices

Oct 18, 2022

90% of movers are willing to try new services upon moving to a new neighborhood. Is your dental practice utilizing pre- and new mover data to capture these leads? Movers anticipate the new providers they will need. Your practice must start engaging with them early in the moving journey.

BlueWing’s partnership with V12 gives us access to mover data, including property insights which can help you identify unique opportunities and enhance targeting methods. We have four mover data solutions to craft the perfect new mover campaigns because timing matters. Learn why new mover campaigns are essential to increase patient volumes and how BlueWing narrows in on the data.

When to Target Movers 

Moving to a new home and neighborhood requires a lot of planning. New movers plan ahead when it comes to finding services they will need. According to V12, new movers spend 3-4 months researching services in the location where they are moving. The pre-move phase is a pivotal time for your practice to engage with new movers as they’re still reviewing their options. Targeting movers with omnichannel marketing during this phase helps your practice to stand out and stay top of mind – ultimately leading to earning their business.

Why Leverage New Mover Campaigns

According to V12, moving is the most economically powerful event in a consumer’s life. During this transitional period, consumers are more open to developing new brand loyalties, including searching for new healthcare providers.

Getting your brand and message in front of potential patients before competing practices gives you the advantage of securing their business. BlueWing’s data-driven new mover campaigns allow your practice to target highly comprehensive audiences throughout their entire move to improve your patient acquisition and retention.

With an omnichannel new mover campaign, you can inform new movers about your services while welcoming them to the neighborhood. Direct mail pieces can include elements to show the distance from their new address to the office, office hours, staff pictures, and how to schedule a new patient appointment. BlueWing also recommends serving digital ads to new movers as they complete online searches for local dentist offices. Incorporating digital is beneficial as 65% of new movers are likely to make decisions based on search engine ads, while social media ads influence 62% of movers. Combining direct mail and digital can get your practice in front of new movers at the right time and influence them to select your practice as their new dental care provider.

BlueWing’s Intelligent Mover Data

BlueWing has two national installs of consumer files, Acxiom and V12, which give us access to over 345 million unique individuals. Using this vast data, we can find moving consumers and gain robust insights on this segment to create a custom new mover campaign that promotes your practice during the pre-move phase.

Our new mover data goes through an extensive data append and hygiene process, including standardization, delivery point validation (DPV), and over 70% of our records include previous addresses. Our four mover data segments include:

Premover – Target homeowners when their home is placed on the market and make contact before the competition.

New Mover – BlueWing’s new mover solution is a rolling one-year database of more than 27 million recently moved individuals (both renters and homeowners) enhanced with consumer demographics. Data is updated weekly and includes national new telephone connects and proprietary client-based change of address information.

Premover Under Contract – Target homeowners when their home has a contract pending, and they enter the critical 1-6 week period when they are making valuable vendor decisions.

Premover+ – Premover+ includes both Premover and Premover Under Contract data with additional elements available such as building details, including square footage of home and lot, year of home, dwelling unit, and new construction indicator. It also includes additional sales information, including reduction in sales price data, foreclosure indicator, short-sale indicator, bank-owned indicator, auction indicator, and more.

Target New Movers, Gain New Patients

Target movers using BlueWing’s sophisticated data. Our data and marketing strategies will get your practice in front of new movers across multiple channels. Contact the marketing experts at BlueWing to target potential patients moving to the neighborhood and reach them before your competitors.


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