Paper Shortage Leads to New Marketing Strategies

Nov 10, 2021

The paper shortage has caused delays in product shipment and delivery. Marketers are finding alternatives to some of their direct mail marketing while we wait for the supply to improve.

To navigate the shortage, BlueWing Dental is helping practices implement different direct marketing strategies. We encourage practices to plan months ahead and try different mail formats.

Plan Months Ahead

BlueWing Dental helps practices like yours be proactive by crafting quarterly mail plans. Thinking about your patients’ future needs will also help you plan in advance. Creating a marketing plan helps you stay on track and allows you the time to change direction based on product availability.

Use this time to reflect on your past marketing and think about what you can be doing more efficiently to drive more appointments. One option would be to model your current database and mail smaller quantities to a more targeted audience. By mailing to smaller quantities, you have less paper to secure.

Try Different Formats

As you take time to reflect on past marketing and plan for the future, now is a great time to try different formats. Resources for other direct mail formats may not be as affected by the shortage.

Take advantage of this time to experiment and analyze the results of your direct marketing. If you have always mailed letters, try a postcard instead. You may find that another format outperforms your current strategy.

Another consideration is getting into or expanding on your digital marketing during this time. Digital marketing is low cost and not impacted by the paper shortage. You can reach patients through email or text with appointment follow-ups and reminders. Additionally, it has been found that combining direct mail and digital marketing boosts patient engagement across many channels.

Let BlueWing Dental Help You

Plan your direct mail marketing in advance and try new formats to see the benefits! Use this time as an opportunity to improve your marketing instead of seeing the shortage as a negative.

BlueWing Dental will uncover advantages that your practice may not have taken advantage of yet. We are your partner through any obstacle. Let us help you get the most out of the resources available. Contact your BlueWing Dental account executive today.

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