Reach Vs Frequency

Jan 30, 2019

BlueWing Dental | Reach Vs Frequency

Often, marketing means choosing between sending out one marketing campaign to a large list or sending out multiple campaigns to a smaller list. This is the difference between reach and frequency. As direct mail specialists, we are always evaluating the best way to spend our marketing budget. To help our clients determine the difference between reach and frequency and which one they should spend their budgets on, we’ve put together this information.

Reach Vs. Frequency

What It Is

Reach: The volume of people who receive your messaging.

Frequency: The number of times people are exposed to your messaging.





How To Apply It


50% reach is needed for your campaign to be successful, but the higher the reach the better. In order to determine your reach, it’s important to know your audience. Reach is calculated based on a percentage of your audience versus your total patients.


3 is the average amount of times your message should appear in front of patients. While hyper exposure can cause burnout with your patients, not connecting with them enough can give your competition a leg up.

When It Matters

New Campaigns = Reach

Promoting new products and services means you want to get your messaging in front of as many people as possible.

Tough Competition = Frequency

When you’ve got a specific audience in a crowded field, sending multiple messages keeps your business top of mind.



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