Dental Support Organizations

BlueWingDental has partnerships with some of the largest DSOs across the USA. Our turn-key solution for DSOs increases sales across the board while improving the efficiency of how marketing is done. This means taking some of the day to day workload off the shoulders of your marketing managers, allowing them to focus on other high priority tasks.

We understand the complexities of managing “vendors” who aim to do marketing for your affiliated dental practices. Having many relationships with Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), we’ve heard all too many stories of failed DSO/Vendor partner relationships. Here is what sets us apart from other partners:

If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail…

It has been said that goals are meaningless without a plan to reach them. That is why at BlueWingDental, before any dental marketing is done, we create a solid strategy for your affiliated dental practices. This plan gives you a month-to-month road map for what is being done and a vision for how your marketing dollars will translate into patients for your practices. We work with you to make an effective marketing strategy and once it’s in place, we streamline the process it takes to develop a campaign from an idea to a robust program that runs behind the scenes.

Our confidence comes from experience…

BlueWingDental has over 15 years of experience with dental marketing, creative, design, and response rates. We use this experience to greatly reduce the time that it takes to figure out what is working in the markets your practices are located. All of our strategies and campaigns are tested and proven for results. This allows you to leverage our vast dental marketing experience with confidence, knowing that your marketing is in good hands. Our full A-Z marketing solutions includes everything from direct mail campaign creation and promotion design, to consulting your practice staff on how to answer the phone. You name it, we know it, and get it done.

You can leverage our sales team…

Our sales experts live and breathe dental marketing on a daily basis. They will come along side your marketing managers to help them better serve your affiliated practices in many different ways. Their main goal is to develop and execute a winning strategy that keeps current patients coming back and new patients coming in. Our team works with hundreds of dental practices around the USA, so we know what is effective in today’s dental market. This eliminates lost time and wasted marketing dollars.

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI