Digital Marketing

Every business should have digital services in place to establish brand, capture new customers online and increase profits. If you’re not implementing online marketing strategies, you can be sure that your competitors are and garnering your market share. With BlueWingDental Digital Services, we have a team of seasoned SEO and online marketing experts that can custom-tailor a plan to meet your company’s unique needs and budget.

Website Design and Development

Boost your online leads with a visually engaging website and one that is user-friendly. Studies have shown that you’ve only got five seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. With our team of website design experts, we create a website that reflects your brand, speaks to your targeted audience and keeps them engaged. Our methodology is proven and get the leads needed to keep business rolling. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nearly 90 percent of potential customers use search engines to find products and services. If you’re not found on popular search engines like Google and Bing, you’re missing many profitable opportunities. At BlueWingDental Digital Marketing Services, we do an audit that includes keyword research and a competitive review. Discover what keywords your competitors are using for high rankings with our services. We also dig deep to identify long-tail keywords for higher search engine rankings. Get found and get results. Learn More

Online Advertising

Online advertising can be a great tool to market your company and maximize your return on investment. Increase your sales opportunities and raise your visibility to your target market through custom pay-per-click, display and retargeting ad campaigns. We develop targeted, effective ad strategies so that you pay only for relevant traffic. Begin to grow your online presence using BlueWing’s Direct Marketing Services today. Learn More

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Content is still king with the search engines. As a matter of fact, Google’s algorithm keeps getting smarter and smarter in identifying quality content. Turn to our team of specialists for the creation of compelling content for website copy, blog articles and social media posts that speaks directly to your audience and gets attention from the search engines. Plus, we promote your content across multiple channels. Get noticed on various platforms and grow your customer base. Learn More

Email Marketing

Sit back and relax while we take care of your email marketing program; we automate your email campaign to generate leads, so you can focus on your customers. Keeping in touch with your customers is a must-do in any business. Keep your brand fresh in their minds and keep them interested with high-quality content. We also deliver email campaign reports, so you can evaluate its performance. Let BlueWingDental Digital Marketing Services keep your valued customers in the loop. Learn More

Social Media Management

Today, many businesses know it’s critical to integrate social media into its marketing plan, but few implement it effectively. With BlueWingDental Digital Marketing Services managing and leveraging your social media assets, you get an effective social media campaign that is focused on your customers’ needs and interests. Hit the target with a bulls-eye and take the advantage of social media to its max. Learn More

  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI