Email Marketing

Don’t think for a moment that emails go unopened. It is reported that 82 percent of consumers open emails from companies. Email marketing is an excellent integrated marketing solution that allows you to work with any advertising. It’s also an excellent way to interact with patients who have signed up for more information about your practice and reel them in with coupons. With email marketing, you keep your brand name in the forefront of your patients’ minds. When done right, email marketing is simple, efficient, cost effective and meets relevant eyes. Use it for special events, announcements, seasonal promotions, education and hot topics in the Dental industry.

Cultivate potential patient emails by allowing patients to sign up for your practice emails on your website and social media channels. The signup process should be intuitive and easy. Once you’ve captured email addresses, they should be added to your customer database and marketing system. BlueWingDental Digital Services can assist you with website integration for signup forms and help developing targeted email campaigns. Even get comprehensive reporting to see how the email campaign is performing. When done right, email marketing campaigns can help a Dental practice grow. It helps drive conversions, increase return on investment and gives you a medium to specifically speak to your patients’ interests.

When sending out an email marketing blast, the language should be fun, engaging and clearly outline its message. With a nice mix of pictures and text, it’s also smart to link back to your landing page. At BlueWingDental Digital Services, we take care of all the important factors when it comes to email marketing. Take advantage of our email marketing services, including:

  • Email campaign design and execution
  • Targeted content development
  • Contact list management
  • Website integration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Improve Your Visibility
  • Build Patient Loyalty
  •   Grow Your Practice and ROI